WELCOME TO THE Yoga Mamas online course! MY GIFT TO YOU!!

Sweet mama, carrying the weight of your world on your shoulders, I see you. 

I see you feel overwhelmed as you juggle play dates, and self care, and your career. As you try to find balance in your roles of mama, partner, friend… self. 

But I also see your strength, mama. I see you standing tall. I see your beautiful softness as you give unending love and show up every day and do your best. 

You’ve got this… and I’m here to help. 

Join me for my new Yoga Mamas online workshop. Enjoy slowing down with a practice designed just for you; a combination of slow, flowy asana, mindfulness & meditation, restorative poses, and yoga nidra. Reconnect to yourself and learn how these practices can help you fill your cup and be more present, calm, and conscious in your daily life. Bring an open heart, and your journal, and connect with other like-minded mamas. 

The live portion of the course will begin July 15th! You'll continue to receive new content every Monday for 7 weeks and everything will be available to you for 2 months, so there's no pressure if you have a busy summer ahead. This is about fitting self-care into YOUR schedule, you do you, mama!

Last, but not least… THIS COURSE IS COMPLETELY FREE! I’m currently on maternity leave, so this is my gift to you : )

Sign up here!

What is Yoga Mamas? 

Yoga Mamas is a 7 week live online course that offers mamas, and mamas-to-be, the gift of self-care through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness right in your own home, while also offering an online tribe of like-minded ladies to connect and bond with over this amazing shared adventure we call motherhood. 

I remember the moment when I was group chatting with some mom friends, and all of us (myself included) were so stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted. We all worried we were doing things wrong, or that we weren't enough for our children, or our partners, or our friends... the list went on and on. Whenever I felt this way, in addition to leaning on my mama-tribe, I'd also turn to my yoga and meditation practice to help ground myself and regroup. And it always helped... always.  

Here's the thing. We ALL feel the same about motherhood on some level. It's the most amazing and rewarding and fun and joy-filled experience we've ever known, but at the same time we're stressed, and exhausted, and giving so much of ourselves, and always worrying it's never enough. The practices we're going to explore together over the 7 week Yoga Mamas course won't make your stress and worries disappear, I wish they could, but you'll be able to tackle them from a place a calm and love. They won't make you a "better mom" because you're already the most incredible and perfectly-matched mama for your kids, we'll just take a deep dive and tap into the strength and love you already possess. 

What does the course include? 

Each week you'll receive anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour's worth of practice, and YOU choose a time that week that fits with YOUR schedule. Practices include a combination of hatha yoga, restorative yoga, meditations, and yoga nidra. In addition you'll receive journaling prompts to help you dive deeper into the material, and we'll have a private Facebook group to share and connect with other likeminded mamas.  

When is this happening?

The course will start on July 15th!

Why would I take an online course?  

The online course offers you the flexibility to work on your practice when the time is right for you! Every baby and child is different... maybe yours naps at 1pm for 2 hours and you can squeeze your practice in then. Or maybe they don't go to bed until 10pm some nights, so attending an evening class can be iffy at best. This way YOU get to decide what time is best for you, but you still get the support of a teacher and a community.  

Can I take this course if I'm pregnant? 

Absolutely! When I was pregnant with my first, I was so grateful for my yoga and meditation practice! Now is a fantastic time to build your mindfulness skills so that you're ready come the big day! There are some modifications you'll need to make for some of the yoga videos, but I've included a prenatal resource in the course materials, be sure to check it out before you begin, and please reach out to me directly if you have any questions. As with any exercise during your pregnancy, it doesn't hurt to run it by your doctor, OB, or midwife, just to be sure!  

What do I need at home to complete the course?  

Ideally, you'll have a yoga mat, and an open mind & heart.  

We'll be doing some restorative yoga in our time together but I've created a short and sweet DIY props video in the course area that will show you how to use things you have around the house (pillows, towels, blankets, etc.) Alternatively, if you're feeling a little indulgent, check out Halfmoon or Manduka (both are also on Amazon), or your local Winners, Marshalls, etc. I've lucked out and found some great deals on Manduka products at Winners more than once!  

Each week, I'll also give you some "OmWork" questions to ponder. If you're a stationary junkie like me, you may want to treat yourself to a new journal, but again, there's no requirement! This is your journey, if you're a journaller, write (or type!) your heart out, if you're not, just give the questions a think while you're folding laundry. Remember, there's no way to do this wrong! 

Have I mentioned, it’s free to you? I’m currently on maternity leave, so it’s my gift to you : ) xo